Buyer Beware

Not all hot tubs are created equal.

The cost and the price of a hot tub are two different things! A poor quality hot tub might have a cheap price tag but will have an expensive cost over the long run. Things like energy consumption, maintenance and replacement part costs can make that cheap hot tub an expensive ongoing nightmare. At Spa King, we carry a variety of quality brands and can help you get the most bang for your buck!

Do not fall into the jet count trap!

Just because a spa has X number of jets and has a price tag of Y doesn’t always equate to a good spa or good therapy. Jet count does not equal jet pressure. A good spa will have a variety of different sized jets, have properly placed jets and have an appropriate amount of jets for the number of pumps. Our staff knows the difference and can help you make an informed decision.

Watch out for the fake sales!

If you see a 50% off spa sale, its for one of two reasons: A) they are going out of business or B) they are inflating their price way past MSRP in order to cut the price in half to make it “look” like a smoking deal. This is an old trick very commonly seen at traveling spa shows and expos. Do not be tricked!

If counting sheep is your preferred method to fall asleep reconsider a hot tub.

Soaking in a hot tub will help you wind down mentally and relax. Research shows your heart rate will decrease and your circulation will increase helping you achieve a resting state. A good nights sleep has a tremendous impact on our health and overall well being.

Warning hot tubs and handheld electronics do not mix!

Dropping your smartphone in hot water will result in sad face emojis. Hot tubbing is an amazing way to disconnect for a half hour and enjoy peace and quite or family time without our phones.

If you are chronically unhappy and wish to remain that way, stay far away from a hot tub.

Research shows that soaking in a hot tub increases endorphin production. Endorphins are a feel-good chemical, they cause you to feel contentment and pleasure, and reduce the effects of stress. Have you ever seen a sad person in a hot tub ? Neither have we!

Make sure the person or company you buy from can take care of you should an issue arise.

Even the best/most expensive hot tubs will need maintenance and repair at some point. Be leery of companies that do not have a service department or do not specialize in spas. At spa king our service department is just as important as our sales department. We know that if we do not take care of our customers someone else will. We want the opportunity to earn your business.

Steer clear of traveling spa expos and blowout spa shows.

These events are a good place to get hustled by a high pressure sales team that could care less about you after they leave town. Be an informed buyer and look online to see the many reasons why you might want to reconsider this option. At Spa King, we care about the relationships we build with our customers and we still value word of mouth!

When shopping for a hot tub make sure your the person you are buying from has an exchange policy.

Hot tubs are a big purchase and nothing is worse than spending thousands of dollars on something and having a severe case of buyers remorse. Most spa companies will not let you exchange your purchase after it has been delivered, the few that do will usually charge a hefty restocking fee in order to deter you from an exchange. The spa king is home of the no questions asked 90 day exchange policy. If you are not totally satisfied with the purchase you have 90 days to exchange it with no restocking fee!